If you aren’t sending text messages to your customers you better believe that your competitors are.

Text messaging isn’t just a convenient way to chat with friends. It’s also a powerful mobile marketing tool for businesses. The vast majority of the world own a cellphone, and most use their phone to send and receive text messages, also known as SMS messages. More important, cellphone users are more engaged with SMS messaging than they are with other mobile marketing avenues like email or social media. Most cellphone users have programmed their phone to alert them whenever a new SMS message arrives, and the majority of messages are read within a few minutes of delivery.

Text Messaging Is Affordable SMS Marketing is very affordable. We’re talking about pennies per message. A small business can get started for as little as 10 to 20 dollars a month. High ROI We just said SMS marketing is affordable. But can you really get much out of 10 to 20 dollars a month? Absolutely. Let’s look at a quick example. Say you’re the owner of a local restaurant and you’ve collected a list of opt-in phone numbers of your patrons (more about opt-ins below). Now you want to send a message to 100 of your customers offering a free appetizer with any entrée. You’ve spent 20 dollars to accomplish all of this. Text message open rates are about 95% but let’s assume only 20 of those customers actually redeem that coupon. You’ve just drawn in 20 new reservations for 20 dollars. Text Messages Arrive…Instantly

Forget email spam filters, postage and drawing visitors into your website. When you send a text message campaign to your marketing list it arrives in seconds.
Insanely High Open Rates
We just said text messages are opened 95% of the time. Compare that to email that is opened, at best, 25% of the time.
Permission Is Key
That phrase we mentioned earlier – opt-in – is what makes SMS marketing so effective. Consumers have to opt-in to join your text messaging list – they are telling you they want to hear from you. They do this by texting your keyword to a short / long code or by signing up via a web form. And if they ever want to stop receiving messages all they have to do is reply STOP and they’re automatically removed from your list.
It’s To The Point
A text message is limited to 160 characters. That means you need to say exactly what you need to say. Whatever you’re offering you get to the offer quickly. There’s a reason why over 95% of text messages are read and this is it.
Everyone Has A Mobile Phone And We Love To Text
Nearly 167,371,945 mobile phones are activated in Nigeria alone ranking Nigeria at number 7 in the world. The world sent over 2 trillion text messages in 2010. If you aren’t sending text messages to your customers you better believe that your competitors are.
Text Messaging Is Green
Forget direct mail which gets tossed in the garbage. A text message is digital which means it’s green. Your SMS Marketing campaigns will drive sales and save the environment too!