De-Leon Media Concepts was registered on the 20 January 2007, Head Office at Magodo, G.R.A Lagos

De-Leon Media Concepts leverages on the Group`s edge technology and diverse bouquet of content, De-leon Media Concepts currently partners with major media houses in Africa and Europe making it one of the best and strongest brands in Nigeria.

De-Leon Media Concepts provides valve added services which include Ringtones, Message Alerts, Wallpapers, Screensavers, Games, Video clips, Logos, Picture Messaging, Text Services (Jokes, Poems, Tips, News/Weather Alerts, Lotto Results, and SMS Banking etc) Corporate/Bulk SMS.

Our Brand Concept

We are pleased to introduce our latest technology, THE De-LeonTag; De-LeonTag is a global proximity marketing technology device enabling brands to connect to consumerís mobile phones based on their proximity to a fixed/mobile physical location. Using ubiquitous range mobile technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile network.

De-LeonTag can send any content in various formats direct to mobiles quickly and for free. De-LeonTag pushes contents via Bluetooth radios, Wi-Fi and Service Networks to surrounding devices, De-LeonTag specializes in providing information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional material to users of mobile phones and other portable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Network-enabled devices.

You can have a Fixed De-LeonTag installed in targeted areas, all major Cities, Public and Private Establishments, Major streets and highways in Nigeria, integrating them into well-designed posters. Lagosians will be invited to turn on their Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices to download free content from the outlets.

Mobile users could download any of the following content:

1. Video Clip-This could be as RM, 3GP or MP4 file. Short video clips of your activities can be effectively broadcasted.

2. Audio Clip-This could be as WAV, MP3 or ring tones. Audio Clip about your activities can be broadcasted to a target audience.

3. Static Images-This could be as GIF or JPG file. Pictures of events and special school activities can be broadcasted.

4. Others- Text, Animated image, Barcode, Java Applications, WGZ format program file, VCal, VCard.

BENEFITS of De-LeonTag

1. Free to the Public

The service is free for the public to interact, as it doesn't use their network connection. We ensure that 100% of the mobile marketing market is eligible to receive your marketing messages because they're hosted on a mobile website. Wi-Fi marketing interacts with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and any other Wi-Fi enabled Smart Phones. This also means it can be used in places where there is no network reception.

2. Accountable ROI

To assess the effectiveness of the Campaign, it is important to know how many people successfully interacted. At the end of each De-LeonTag campaign a report is provided giving the number of requested downloads, audience alerts and distinct user downloads. This means you have medium of measuring and calculating the ROI of your campaign.

3. Memorable and Personal Brand Experience

Whilst traditional media such as outdoor and field marketing give brands the opportunity to target by location, only De-LeonTag technology gives the ability to distribute rich, entertaining, interactive content in this way.

Product and Services

At De-Leon we strive to offer you a cost effective way of using one of the most effective channels (SMS) to communicate your marketing campaign activities. Below is a list of some of the services we could offer your organization;

Proximity Communiqué: 
This service helps to send information or notification to millions of mobile users within Nigeria. We will be giving you access to our database with over 165.2 million mobile subscribers. Communiqués can be sent to Respective State Indigenes, creating a personal touch in campaign efforts. This will enable PDPinteraction with targeted audience and thereby having the opportunity to achieve their goals.


Proximity Electoral Campaign:

This service activates the allocation of team members equipped with De-LeonTag Devices to every City, local Government Area and Community in States all over Nigeria. These team members are trained location Campaigners.
This enables creation of massive awareness, Huge Pubilcity, monitoring of responses and Public Opinion on Product and services Campaigns.

Audio Message Campaign:
This service helps to send voice messages to mobile users within Nigeria.
Audio messages can be sent to Respective State indigenes, creating a personal touch in Campaign efforts.

Road Show Electoral Campaign:

This service helps to create awareness amongst the indigenes of respective states interested in learning more about your brand, product and services. Our road show will include multimedia presentations and question and answer sessions with the Public.

Corporate Theme Song Ring tones:

This enables customized ring tones in Mono, Poly and True Tones formats for their Campaign theme song(s).

Corporate Graphics Logo, Wallpaper, Screensaver and Picture Message:

This will enable creation of Logo, Wallpaper, Screensaver and Picture Message from either its brand Logo, Slogan or any unique campaign Graphics.

Proximity Live Interface:
Coded information on the demography/psychograph of its Awareness, Publicity and marketing Campaigns. A live interface through a tablet device is provided which gives live coverage of the campaign’s progress and activities. This will enable monitoring of the responses of the public on its Campaigns and at the same time monitor Public Opinion. 

At, De-Leon Media Concepts; ....Feel the Difference, Imagine the Possibilities

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